Thursday, March 9, 2017

The shocking truth about Scott Pruitt

Scott Pruitt is one of those idiot Republicans who refuses to believe in global warming no matter how many scientific evidence proving otherwise is discovered and presented.  You can shove all the evidence in his face all you want, he still won’t be convinced.  He’s so stubborn and so stupid that no matter how effectively you prove him wrong, prove him that global warming truly exists, he still won’t be convinced.

Or so you’d think.  The truth is much worse.

You’d think that anyone who just simply doesn’t believe that climate change exists, after being shown evidence that it does, would at least consider the possibility that they might be wrong.  But Pruitt never does.  He supports polluters every step of the way, and now that he’s head of the EPA, seeks to tear apart everything that it stands for.

You know what I believe?

Scott Pruitt only pretends not to believe in climate change.  In reality, he wants the worst of it to happen.

Think about it.  Why else would he deliberately ignore absolute evidence that clearly shows the damage that global warming is doing to our world?  And pulling excuses out of his ass to support not following the evidence?  Like when he said that “exaggerating the effects of global warming are as bad as minimizing them”?  Well, personally, I think it’s better to exaggerate them, because if we do, we’re more inclined to act against global warming every step of the way.  So he’s practically saying we should let our guard down and become more vulnerable.  That’s just a fancy way of saying that he supports the armageddon that global warming might provide.

But why would he want this kind of stuff to happen?  When Scott Pruitt was a child, he was constantly beaten, abused, shunned, and persecuted by everyone around him.  He was abused by his parents, bullied at school, and unable to reach out to anyone.  He grew up hating the world for it, and became a congressman defending and supporting polluters so that he can get back at the world that has wronged him for so many years.  And by contributing to a system that harms the environment on a regular basis, he’ll be able to slowly damage the very planet he despises and fulfill his misanthropic, nihilistic ambitions, and make a profit in the process.  Kill two birds (and every man, woman and child on the planet) with one stone.  He has made 14 attempts to dismantle and sue the EPA, and how that he leads it, he’s putting the fossil fuel industry ahead of the health of everyone on earth, just to get back at a world that has wronged him.  He may say he doesn’t consider global warming to be real, but the truth is that he just can’t wait to see it tear the world apart.

What?  You don’t think any of this is true?  Then consider them…


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